Marcus Hodge: Scotland to Sangin

30th November 2010

This one day exhibition on the 30th November features paintings by Marcus Hodge, plus a selection of portraits by several of our other artists including Paul Benney, , Valeriy Gridnev and Nicky Philipps, over both floors of 7 Bury Street. Selected paintings will remain downstairs until Christmas.

We will have over eighteen paintings (see above) by Marcus, based on his travels throughout Scotland in 2009. Additionally we will be exhibiting paintings and sketches from his visit to Helmand Province in March 2010.

marcus hodge image

Statement from Captain Thomas Payne, 3 Rifles

In the Summer of 2009, 3 Rifles commissioned Marcus Hodge to visit Helmand and record their upcoming Op Herrick 11 deployment with a painting. He visited the Battle Group in Sangin in February/March 2010 and began preparatory work for this giant project.

The theme of the picture is one of hope. It shows, amongst the uncertainty of a tough counter-insurgency, that a massive amount of progress has been made in Sangin over the last four years.

As such this painting has become less about 3 Rifles and more about the Armed Forces in general and all the sacrifices that have been made by every regiment or unit that has served there. Therefore this truly spectacular piece of modern history is being released for sale as a print through and I invite you to own a piece that so truly represents what has become a modern legend.