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Copy, Miniature & Posthumous Paintings

We are often asked to copy paintings that are to be sold, or if a family member wants a copy of a portrait of an ancestor. Copies require a certain skill as the copyist can not introduce any of his/her own painting style. Copy paintings are priced per square inch.

Miniature Portraits

Dmitri Pavlenski is our miniaturist. He studied under Professor Yuri M Nehprinstev at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts and has since carried out numerous commissions for collectors of miniature portraits in the UK and the USA. Some of his miniature portraits are on permanent exhibition in the Naples Museum of Art. Dmitri has also been involved with recent scale models of the Garrick Club and Spencer House in London. In 2006 he won the Gold Memorial Bowl from the Royal Society of Miniature Painters.


  • What medium's right for you?
  • Firstly, what look are you trying to achieve?
  • Is this picture to hang with predecessors, ancestors, or the like?
  • Do you have a budget in mind?
  • Where is this picture going to hang?
  • How much space do you have?
  • Sometimes an artist whose style you admire may not be suited to painting under life size.

All these questions and more can be answered when you visit our commissioning gallery.


Avoiding common commissioning pitfalls

Is this painting for a particular date? A surprise?

Don't be tempted to choose an artist just because he/she can get the project completed in time. Always trust your instinct, if you don't find an artist whose style you really like don't embark on the project.

Have you seen enough of their recent work? Most important rule of all: don't choose an artist because you have heard of them. Many portraits linger in attics because people commission friends of friends to paint a child when they are really only confident at painting older people etc etc. The rules apply to all types of commissioning.