Qinlan Ye

+86 138 1897 2772

Qinlan is a Research Fellow of the Institute of British Commonwealth and Silk Road Studies at Nanjing University in China

Qinlan is the founder and director of Lan Art Gallery and works closely with contemporary artists in the UK and China to organise and promote art exhibitions, events, art exchange and collaboration of Fine Arts programmes. She has also cooperated with a number of organisations and charities to support children’s art education in China.

Before Qinlan changed career, she practiced international commercial law for a decade. She obtained her bachelor degree of international business law at Nanjing University in China and her master degree of law at the University of Manchester in the UK. In addition to her master’s she studied Art Business at Christie’s Education, Fashion Design at Central Saint Martin and Art History in London.

Telephone: +86 138 1897 2772

叶琴兰: 个人简介


作为Lan Art Gallery的创始人和董事,她与英国和中国的当代艺术家们保持紧密合作, 组织艺术展览、艺术项目、艺术交流和美术项目方面的合作。她也与许多组织和慈善 机构进行合作,支持在中国的儿童艺术教育。

叶琴兰在改变她的职业生涯之前,她已经从事了近十年的国际商业法律顾问工作。她 毕业于中国南京大学法学院,获得了国际经济法学士学位;在英国曼彻斯特大学法学 院取得其国际商法硕士学位。随后,她还在伦敦佳士得美术学院学习艺术商业,圣马 丁艺术学院学习时尚设计,以及艺术史。