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Still Life

Still Life is a celebration of the inanimate object. Our principle Still Life artists are Nicola Jane Philipps (Nicky) and Susie Philipps. Widely collected, we have sold over two hundred of Nicky and Susie's paintings over the last fifteen years. Many of our clients commission a Still Life to include their own valued and loved object or a bunch of their favourite flowers reflected in a silver tankard etc. Prices range from £500 to £16,000 +vat.

Here are quotes from leading art critics, the first refers to Nicky's solo exhibition in Cork Street in 2007 and the second to the Philipps family exhibition in 2003:

Nicky Philipps stands four-square in a long and honourable tradition in Western Art, that has Chardin as, in sort, its patron saint, and comes on down to us by way of such masters as Manet and Latour, Sargent, Peploe and Cadell, and above all perhaps in her particular case, William Nicholson. It is just such a light, therefore, that Nicky Philipps's recent work is to be seen and relished: in the fat lusciousness of the paint, the fast, skiddy surface, the broad confident mark, all tempered by the most particular sensitivity to the observed detail and the quality of texture, surface and reflection. She looks to what is simply to hand, but as with all good painting, hers is no mere exercise in literal accuracy and representation. And so often, solid as the particular object may be, we find her establishing it not so much by what is there as by what is not - the reflection in the silver jug, the glimmer through the glass, the merest suggestion of a rim. It is as ever a mystery and a miracle, and, as ever, it is what proper painting is all about.

William Packer, art critic, The Financial Times

The flamboyant art of the three is Nicky's portraiture. Nicky's paint is thick, she relishes in the process of painting, the mixing, the colours ... Susie's flowers wave, dance and gesture and talk to eachother. Her still lives of meringues and bread and butter are anything but still.

Godfrey Barker, September 2003, reviewing the Philipps Exhibition, Cork Street. Art correspondent for the Times, The BBC, The Sunday Times, The Economist.


  • What medium's right for you?
  • Firstly, what look are you trying to achieve?
  • Is this picture to hang with predecessors, ancestors, or the like?
  • Do you have a budget in mind?
  • Where is this picture going to hang?
  • How much space do you have?
  • Sometimes an artist whose style you admire may not be suited to painting under life size.

All these questions and more can be answered when you visit our commissioning gallery.


Avoiding common commissioning pitfalls

Is this painting for a particular date? A surprise?

Don't be tempted to choose an artist just because he/she can get the project completed in time. Always trust your instinct, if you don't find an artist whose style you really like don't embark on the project.

Have you seen enough of their recent work? Most important rule of all: don't choose an artist because you have heard of them. Many portraits linger in attics because people commission friends of friends to paint a child when they are really only confident at painting older people etc etc. The rules apply to all types of commissioning.