What We Do

With over twenty years’ experience, we are Europe’s leading Portrait Agency, specialising in portrait commissions and bespoke works of art.

We have stayed at the top through:

Over thirty portrait painters represented by Fine Art Commissions, including:

Our Commissioning Process

Stage One

Some considerations:

Drawing on our years of experience, we can provide invaluable advice in selecting the best artist for you in terms of style, medium, size and budget.

We recommend visiting our gallery to see the rolling portrait exhibition on display and to look through our portfolios. We will then compile a short list of artists that we all agree are appropriate and will send out a mini portfolio, which includes past portrait examples as well as more information on the artists’ prices and biography.

Stage Two

Stage Three

Nick Bashall painting Jemima

Nicky Philipps painting Nick Bashall

What We Do

We were interested in commissioning a portrait of the three of us to surprise our mother with on her 50th birthday. Rosie was insightful in suggesting artists whose styles might suit. She then came up with the definitive idea of commissioning a set of three that would work together or apart…Thank you Rosie… you could not have executed our idea any better and the portraits will be enjoyed by the family for years.

The Cobbold Family

What We Do

Fine Art Commissions has several unassailable advantages over its competitors; firstly I love Sara Stewart, everyone does and justly so, a visit to Fine Art Commissions is the tonic many good men and a few bad ones rely on to refresh from their office bound lives.

Secondly the sensitive business of getting painted or getting ones family painted - are we good looking enough, can we afford it, are we important enough, am I too vain (probably), what stage of my life is the right stage of my life etc is effortlessly handled by Fine Art Commissions so much so one ends up as certain and as entitled as the Queen might.

Thirdly she has a canny range of portrait painters on her books and thanks to Saras' vast experience, an unerring ability to ensure you choose the right artist, I chose this artist and got a fabulous portrait that makes me better than I am, as well as a best man and a wife all in the deal, so there it is, case proven.

The Lord Somerleyton

  • Every time I go to bed and pass those portraits, I never regret the money I spent.

    T. Wright

  • Fine Art Commissions are a wonderful sort of extended family to me. I’m sure I’d be heading in the wrong direction without them.

    Jamie Coreth

  • Fine Art Commissions’ expertise and unbiased judgement was extremely valuable and we would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

    RICHARD MORRIS, The Society of Merchant Venturers

  • It was a privilege and a glorified ego massage!

    Boris Johnson

  • We love the portrait…The whole process has been so enjoyable and easy and we have you all to thank for that.