Art Classes

Painting with Nick Bashall at the London Sketch Club in Chelsea

Throughout his career as a painter, Nick has always taught. He welcomes students of all abilities and ages as he believes you can teach anyone to draw and paint. His classes are informative and entertaining. Whilst, the teaching is professional and the students will learn a lot, it is not an intimidating experience.

Nick offers his students an overview of the fundamental stages.

These are:

Line and Volume
Dark and Light

For students wanting to expand into painting portraits and the figure, you can chose to benefit from Nick’s experience of 25 years as a leading portrait painter and war artist. Having co founded Lavender Hill Studios in 2004, Nick decided to set up his own atelier in one of the last remaining Victorian artists’ studios in Chelsea.

Each session will be two hours. Pricing is structured for a term of 10 sessions and you can choose whether to join the afternoon or evening classes at the time of booking.