Female Portraits

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My wife and I decided that a portrait would be an appropriate way to mark our daughter's marriage this year. Having originally found the Fine Art Commission's website almost by chance we have been delighted by the guidance they gave us, including the style and size of the picture, the choice of artist and the costings. Our oil sketch now takes pride of place in our drawing room, and gives us enormous pleasure each time we look at it.

Client, September 2016

Female Portraits

The mere thought of having one's portrait painted is enough to fill one with nervous self-doubt. However, having Fine Art Commissions’ to help us choose the right artist, and then overseeing every detail of the process until the framed picture was delivered, ensured that it was enormous fun. We commend Sara and her team to anyone considering a portrait or conversation piece.

Adrian Scrope

Female Portraits

The price is the same whether one goes direct to the studio, or via the gallery. I liked knowing that Sara would step in if the family weren’t happy with the painting.

Annabel Rayleigh

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