Jamie Coreth

Fine Art Commissions are a wonderful sort of extended family to me. I’m sure I’d be heading in the wrong direction without them.

Jamie Coreth

Fine Art Commissions are a wonderful sort of extended family to me. I’m sure I’d be heading in the wrong direction without them.

Jamie Coreth

Jamie’s influences may be rooted in the great traditions of the past - the swagger portraits of Sargent and de Laszlo - but he is also of his own generation, and deceptively modern. He is undoubtedly one of the best portrait artists working today.

Simon Berry, 2019

Portrait of Simon Berry
Jamie Coreth work in progress
Jamie Coreth work in progress 2
Jamie Coreth work in progress 3

About Jamie Coreth

Jamie Coreth graduated from Oxford in 2010 with a degree in Archaeology and Anthropology. Having chosen to pursue a career as an artist, he moved to Florence where he first studied at Charles H. Cecil Studios and then at the Florence Academy of Art. In 2014 he graduated from the Academy where, alongside his own studies, he had been working as an Art History lecturer and assistant tutor. In his final year Jamie was awarded the ‘Best Painting of the Year’ prize.

This intensive training provided him with an invaluable set of representational skills. Jamie is now based in the UK, working as a full-time artist.

In June 2016 his portrait Dad sculpting me was awarded the Young Artist Award at the BP Portrait Awards, National Portrait Gallery, London. The painting depicts Jamie’s father, the sculptor Mark Coreth, sculpting Jamie. The pair ‘sat’ for their respective portraits over the course of a month, both artists worked solely from life. The judges of the BP portrait award commented:

we were drawn to the timeless quality of the painting and its treatment of a father and son relationship through art.

In 2018 Jamie’s painting Broken bodies, an arresting portrait of former army captain, turned sculptor, Mark Jackson, was accepted into the BP Portrait Award to much acclaim.

Two years later, his work Portrait of Fatima was shortlisted for the BP Portrait Award – and was also selected for both the cover of the catalogue and much of the National Portrait Gallery’s marketing campaign, as well as being awarded the Visitors’ Choice with over 1,000 votes.

With three entries into this prestigious award, Jamie Coreth has established himself as one of Britain’s leading portrait artists. He manages to balance the grand, traditional technique of portraiture with a modern vision and always produces a strong and accurate realism. He paints with an intelligence and originality, always concentrating on the character of the sitter, rather than just their visual representation. As a result his works have been greatly admired in public and private collections throughout the world.

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I paint what I see from a distance; the impression of a scene observed from a few meters away. I start in a broad manner, developing the larger compositional elements before refining individual parts. I will generally repaint the head entirely a number of times until the impression conveys a balance of breadth and accuracy.

As the light conditions change and the expressions and pose of the sitter alters, I try to remain open to painting in fleeting effects. The end result becomes a representation of the sitter over a given length of time.

Jamie Coreth

National Portrait Gallery Award

Jamie Coreth National Portrait Gallery Award

In early July 2020, Jamie Coreth was announced winner of over 25s category of the Cecil Beaton’s Bright Young Things Photography Competition at The National Portrait Gallery, having been selected from over 1000 entries, with this photograph of his family.

Taking inspiration from Beaton’s photography, the competition asked for portraits inspired by the following themes: costume and masquerade; fashion; props, performance and self-portraiture.

Of the work, judge Tim Walker said:

It’s very difficult to do group pictures well. Beaton was so good at it because he photographed people who naturally gathered together. His friends. Nothing was forced. The group in Jamie Coreth’s picture have that ease of a family of friends and reminds me of the importance of kinship when photographing a group.

Portrait of Derren brown
Portrait of General Carter


Portrait of Kimba Wood


Jamie Coreth

Jamie Coreth

Jamie Coreth

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Coreth, Jamie - Charlotte and Alick Mildmay-White