Male Portraits

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  • Fine Art Commissions’ expertise and unbiased judgement was extremely valuable and we would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

    Richard Morris

  • It was a privilege and a glorified ego massage!

    Boris Johnson

  • We love the portrait…The whole process has been so enjoyable and easy and we have you all to thank for that.

    Amy Dawson, Sunningdale School

Male Portraits

“What we can do today we never do tomorrow” is a truism. So many people put off having their portraits painted till they have - too often - lost the bloom of youth. So when I wandered by chance into Sara's gallery and saw Nicky's wonderful pictures I thought - **** it - and commissioned her to paint Arthur while he was in his prime. And his descendants will thank me in spades for doing it.

Francis Fulford

Male Portraits

I had assumed that sitting for a portrait would involve feeling intimidated for hours on end in complete silence, under the intense scrutiny of an equally intense artist. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Part of Nicky’s great talent is to engage and relax. Within moments you’re old friends, meeting for a gossip, it’s just that one of you keeps dabbing at a canvas. I admit to feeling a little bereft when the whole thing was finished, our chatting time had come to an end. But the portrait had come to life.

Hugh Bonneville

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